Architecture work

Below is work that I have done over the years, if you have any questions about it, please reach out to me.

venice drawing

Art | Venice drawing

Venice drawing

Art | Venice drawing

cemetery model

University | Cemetery model

concrete construction image

University | Concrete construction image

concrete final

University | Concrete bench

Concrete formwork

University | Concrete formwork

fossil museum detail 2

University | Fossil museum construction detail

fossil museum exterior render

University | Fossil museum render

fossil museum concept model

University | Fossil museum model

fossil museum concept diagram

University | Fossil museum concept diagram

fossil museum entry model

University | Fossil museum entry model

fossil museum site plan

University | Fossil museum site plan

fossil museum interior render

University | Fossil museum interior render

fossil museum detail 1

University | Fossil museum construction detail

portugal design diagram

University | Portugal design diagram

Portugal courtyard render

University | Portugal courtyard render

Boat club restaurant

Firm | Boat Club restaurant image

Boat club hall

Firm | Boat Club interior image

bahamas model

Firm | Bahamas site model

pottery studio model

University | Pottery studio model

Venice drawing

Art | Venice drawing

pavilion perspective

University | Pavilion perspective

dance studio section perspective

University | Dance studio section perspective

dance facade section

University | Dance studio facade study

Old Oak site plan

University | Old Oak Park Royal site plan

Old Oak primary school

University | Old Oak school

Lynchburg concept diagram

University | Lynchburg concept diagram

Lynchburg site model

University | Lynchburg site model

Uganda built school

University | Uganda school built

Uganda school design

Univeristy | Uganda school design

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