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I have worked at an architecture and master planning firm on small scale and large international projects through all phases of a building, beginning with feasibility and schematic design through to construction. As an architectural assistant, I was designing the physical environment and my research was focused on the context of the project and its impact on the built environment. Building upon my experience with applying the design principles, I became fascinated by the implications of adding more of the user perspective into design. This inspired me to pursue user experience design and its presence in the digital realm.

Many of the skills learned in architecture are easily transferable to UX design. I have worked in multi-disciplinary teams where I am in charge of design and have to mitigate the desires of multiple stakeholders. In Architecture this is between the different engineers, the city, and the client, whereas in UX it is between the business goals and the user needs, and then working with a developer to make it happen.

Within user experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed using research to guide the medium and solution of design. At the core of my methodology, I have consistently focused on design thinking, iteration and ideation. Within user experience, I have built on these skills, and started to gain a deeper understanding of human-centered design. I am currently working as a UX/UI designer in Fintech, implementing design thinking in all of the work I do.

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Hard Skills: Agile design process

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Soft Skills

  • Collaboration
  • Leading a team
  • Mediation and facilitation
  • Managing interns
  • Client presentations
  • Creating proposals
  • Organisation
  • Working on multiple projects at a time
  • Working towards a goal
  • Time management
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  • Sketch
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Keynote
  • inVision
  • Marvel
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Autocad
  • Revit
  • HTML
  • CSS

If you'd like to get in touch, please reach out via email or on linked in: