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Project Information

Brief: After interviewing my client, Inhye, I identified that when she is in an unfamiliar city, she struggles to chose what activity to do. The aim of this application, therefore, was to help her make decisions more easily.
Process overview:
Empathise: Client interview, Experience mapp
Define: Storyboard, Problem statement
Ideate: User sees/does, Wire-flow
Prototype and Test: Paper prototype, Usability testing, Mid-fidelity prototype, Branding, High-fidelity prototype.
Software used: Sketch, Adobe Suite, Keynote, inVision, marvel
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Experience map

Inhye is an avid traveller. When asking about her favourite activities while travelling, it became clear that she enjoys going to galleries and museums and is typically the person who organises the cultural plans for her entire group of friends. There is, therefore, a lot of pressure to know what is going on and to be able to find the best events in any city. She spends lots of time researching options, but is often disappointed in the research available. When arriving in a new city, below is her emotional journey and her current process to find a gallery.

experience map for Inhye



To understand and define Inhye’s situation more clearly, I created a storyboard that shows her journey from her situation to the outcome.

storyboard for Inhye

Pain point: The research is too generic and unfiltered, so Inhye feels overwhelmed with the options of what to do.


User sees/does and wireflow

After identifying the current issues and pain points in Inhye’s journey, I was then able to target the parts of the journey that I could improve.

user journey and wireflow

Prototype and Validate

Paper prototype

With this rough outline, I refined the wire-flow and created a paper prototype to test on Inhye and other users.

triply paper prototype

Usability testing

This testing was incredibly helpful and allowed me to easily locate parts that did not function well within the app and to locate what needed to be redesigned.

image of usability test
image of usability test

Following this testing, I made some changes to the application, which can be seen below.

paper prototype changes


To begin the branding for Triply I started by identifying the values that I wanted the application to embody. Some of these were: Accomplishment, Credibility, Education, Guidance, Organisation, Knowledge, and Completion. To narrow these down, I created mood boards to decide on a colour scheme and aesthetic. Through this exercise, it became clear to me that my application was simple and subdued rather than elaborate and bright. With this in mind, I created a style guide for Triply; I designed icons and a logo to fit in with the brand and the colour scheme.

triply style guide

My refined brand values are:

brand personality


After deciding on the branding for the app and looking at different apps that have the same values, I did some homepage studies.

triply homepage studies

The last image on the right was the chosen homepage. After some A/B testing on the right two screens I observed that the options "lighting up" after they are selected was more clear to users that they could chose multiple activities before they proceed.
The final high-fidelity prototype can be seen below:


Throughout this project I learned a lot about UI and how to identify and create a brand for an application. The usability tests were crucial in helping me to refine the overall vision and to ensure that it was a pleasant user flow. There were certain features, such as to compare galleries, that I initially thought were essential to include into the app but after testing them I realised that they were not necessary and were not what Inhye would use to help make a decision about what to do for the day. I kept coming back to the users, and Inhye in particular, to make sure that the features I was adding were necessary for the MVP and helped to make a decision easily.
As this was a short design sprint, some future desires for the app are to add an itinerary page, to allow users to buy tickets within the app, to add a search bar and to add additional quick compare settings such as opening hours and price.

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